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Welcome to the e-learning Spanish language Platform

"Networking Spanish Learning"

Please, think about the following questions:




Following the Course Curriculum, you will get this and much more.

Do not worry, we will be supporting your learning process at any time.

Remember, it is very important for us to join the educational contents with your personal or professional interests.


comillas Learning focused on your interests,

makes your learning more interesting,

achieving better results in less time 

















 General considerations   menu



Initial level of each participant must be a B1 Level (CEFR) Independent User: Intermediate

to reach a B2 Level (CEFR) Independent User: Upper Intermediate

to fulfill the objectives of the course.

Each participant has to do the "Level Test" in order to gather a homogeneous group to make easy the learning process,receiving a report about the results, highlighting its skills:Vocabulary and Grammar structures / Listening comprehension / Reading comprehension

Try your Spanish level filling out the .... leveltest2




You will have always available for use the video tutorials about how to manage the online PlatformWIKI the  2.0 Tools working and the Blogthat we use throughout the course.

Completing the "Unit 0" you will learn to use and practice all you need to manage the Platform.



The Tutors are monitoring and engaging at any time the learning process, resolving questions, giving feedback and managing the forums of the course.

Each Didactic Unit has an assessment to evalute the strenghts and weakness points of the students.

Please, use the "Help" buttonAyuda1placed in each educational activity.

You can also get feedback from your peers through their contents published into the platform and their comments or suggestions in the forums.
In turn, you can help others in the same way.



Estimated duration of the course: botonsemanasenglish4

Once your application is approved, you can start the course at your convenience and you don´t have any deadline to finish the course.

Feel free to follow your own study pace but, it is very important that an on well- organized plan is neccesary to achieve a satisfactory learning rate and  the course objectives.


comillas Social interaction makes easy learning process 


 Technical Considerations   menu


The e-learning Platform is based on "W3C" standards for its proper operating on fixed and mobile devices.

Security and privacy of the participants are a priority treatment of the online Platform, thus there is an available a unique account to access into the educational contents filling out a compulsory register of the participants of the course.

Participants will be guaranteed their profile and own contents are safe and secure backed by wikispaces




   Programmes   menu


You can suit the programme to fit your needs to learn Spanish language.

Each programme includes three Modules. 

The educational contents of the activities (text / audio / video / image) are real and updated, so you can obtain a double value: Improve your Spanish level and get relevant information about the Renewable Energy sector.



Please, Have a look at the Data Sheet ________________>>> datasheet<<<




  What are we doing during the course?   menu


Go ahead into ponganosaprueba1 clipped rev 2  and check yourself some educational activities included within the Platform.





 How much does the course subscription cost?  menu


The subscription course is >>> botonprecioenglish1 That includes access to:






  If you are you interested. Please, follow the procedure below  menu 








         Form of payment  


Please, remember that the subscription is >>> botonprecioenglish1

You can cancel your subscription at any time.




   Questions. Comments. Suggestions menu 


For further information, please, contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you... botoncontactoenglish